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119 of 6,095 quotations related to Equality, showing Serebriakoff to Wilson

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Serebriakoff, V.
The systems of distribution are not all equal in their power to stimulate the production of goods and services. Those which allow inequality of outcome seem to cause such an enlargement of the cake that, even unequally shared, the lowest on the inequality ladder are higher than they could be under a strict equal-shares system.

Sowell, Thomas
Individuals differ radically from one another in all sorts of skills, interests and talents. What all this means is that the capabilities of the human race vastly exceed the capabilities of even the brightest and the best individuals. When the brightest and the best take over making decisions for other people, usually through the power of government, those decisions are likely to be based on less knowledge, experience and understanding than when ordinary people make their own individual decisions for themselves. The anointed may know more than the average person, but far less than all the ordinary people put together.

Mar. 2, 2001 - from "The dangers of 'equality'", published by Creators Syndicate Inc.
Scientists who study the brain say that some abilities develop greatly at the expense of other abilities. Socially as well, some talents are developed by neglecting others. Concert pianists seldom have a college education, because the demands of the two things are just too great. Therefore, for both biological and social reasons, the only way for everyone to be equal would be for them to be equal at a lower level of ability than what some people are capable of in some things and other people are in other things.

Mar. 2, 2001 - from "The dangers of 'equality'", published by Creators Syndicate Inc.
Where the desire for equality turns from a quixotic hope to a dangerous gamble is in politics. To create even the semblance of equality requires a concentration of power in the hands of political leaders. And, as the history of the 20th century has shown repeatedly and tragically, in countries around the world, once concentrated power is put into the hands of political leaders, they can use it for whatever purpose they have in mind -- regardless of what others had in mind when they granted them that power. Becoming the pawns of politicians is a high price to pay for letting demagogues stir up our envy and beguile us with promises to equalize.

Mar. 2, 2001 - from "The dangers of 'equality'", published by Creators Syndicate Inc.
Nobody is equal to anybody. Even the same man is not equal to himself on different days.

Stephen, James Fitzjames
There are a vast number of matters in respect of which men ought not to be free; they are fundamentally unequal, and they are not brothers at all ...

1873 - from Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Strossen, Nadine
It's common to say that we have to choose between freedom of speech or equality, that if you really care about equality you can't possibly be devoted to the First Amendment. I absolutely reject that as a philosophical matter and as a practical matter in the hate-speech context. ...I think it's insulting to women, racial minorities--to anybody--to say that we have to choose between freedom of speech and equal opportunity.

Oct. 01, 1994 - from an interview published in Reason Magazine
Tacelli, Fr. Ronald K.
...with the coming of Liberalism, there was a denial of the Christian God. And therefore equality and dignity could no longer be grounded in God's salvific plan. How then could they be grounded? Liberalism had to find a ground for equality and dignity within nature... [especially] as potential: an equality of the seeming worst with the best, an equality unverified only because of accidental circumstances, because of a lack of opportunity.

1995 - from his essay published in American Renaissance No. 6
Thatcher, Margaret
Object to merit and distinction, and you're setting your face against quality, independence, originality, genius against all the richness and variety of life. When you hold back the successful, you penalize those who need help.

1973 - cited by Penny Junor in Margaret Thatcher (1983), Sidgwick and Jackson
Let our children grow tall, and some taller than others if they have it in them to do so.


If your only opportunity is to be equal then it is not opportunity.

Nov. 28, 1986 - quoted in As I Said to Denis: The Margaret Thatcher Book of Quotations, edited by Iain Dale
In the Conservative Party we have no truck with outmoded Marxist doctrine about class warfare. For us it is not who you are, who your family is or where you come from that matters, but what you are and what you can do for your country that counts.

Toronto Board of Education  
 Schools are accountable for addressing the academic inequity of opportunities and outcomes for racial minority students. ... An antiracist curriculum examines issues of power and equality, and deep-seated problems related to superordination and unequal power distribution. [emphasis added]

May 1997 - quoted from Board policy document 206 in "Reading, writing and racism", by Okey Chigbo, published in The Next City Magazine, Spring 1997
Tyrrell, R. Emmett
The intelligent quest is for the free society with equality of opportunity. The quest for equality of result is the path to the widest equality of all: despotism.

1984 - from The Liberal Crack-Up
 ... education should aim not so much at acquisition of knowledge... there is less need to know the content of information. ... [Capitalism] lays the foundations of rivalry and aggression and encourages exaggerated consumption, making man a slave of ambition and status symbols. ... [Lifelong learning promotes] equality of end result, and not merely of opportunity... and fosters equality in terms of opinions, aspirations, motivations, and so on.

1976 - from its publication Foundations of Lifelong Learning, widely-hailed in the education movement
Different fields, different grasshoppers; different seas, different fish.

Indonesian proverb
Warshow, Robert
Modern equalitarian societies, whether democratic or authoritarian in their political forms, always base themselves on the claim that they are making life happier. Happiness thus becomes the chief political issue - in a sense, the only political issue - and for that reason it can never be treated as an issue at all.

Wicks, M.
Britain is a most unequal society. Currently income inequalities are certainly increasing and indications in other areas, while not always clear, show the remarkable stubbornness of inequality in Britain. This is a strong verdict for egalitarians and social reformers. The historical period that has witnessed the coming of the mass franchise, the rise of the Labour Party, the development of progressive taxation and the growth of the welfare state has not, in fact, made Britain a fairer society.

from "The decade of inequality", published in New Society No. 79
Wilson, Harold
Everybody should have an equal chance - but they shouldn't have a flying start.

1963 - quoted in the London Observer