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1 of 425 are essays by Paul Romney

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Romney, Paul  
The Social Union - A Debate (with Janet Ajzenstat, Brian Lee Crowley, William D. Gairdner, Lorne Gunter, Ken Holland, Rory Leishman, Michael Lusztig, Judy Rebick, John Robson)

Dr. William Gairdner sparked a debate in late 1998 on conservativeforum.org about government plans for a "social union", a federal government promise of largesse to provinces and various groups in return for constitutional and political peace. Dr. Gairdner and eight other distinguished commentators, not all conservatives, contributed their perspectives to the debate. The liberal government implemented its social union agreement with the provinces in 1999. The debate remains interesting for its discussion of the founders' intentions, and of the degree to which an elected government should set its promises in legal concrete, unassailable by subsequently-elected governments which may have different priorities.