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4 of 425 are essays by James Kalb

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Kalb, James
Confucius Today

A discussion of Confucius in relation to modern political conditions and to Western thought, including conservatism, liberalism and Christianity. The discussion emphases the flexibility and practicality of his thought and its likely usefulness now and in the future. Previously published in Modern Age, Fall, 1995
Liberal Tolerance

A discussion of "tolerance" as understood by contemporary liberals emphasizing its transformation into something endlessly demanding, inconsistent with self-government, and thus (ironically) radically intolerant.
PC and the Crisis of Liberalism

A discussion of political correctness, its history, moral basis and political implications. The discussion emphasizes its seriousness as a logical outcome of liberalism (the dominant political tradition of the West), its incompatibility with freedom and self-government, and the likely need for radical changes in the understandings on which political life is carried on to which it gives rise.
The Tyranny of Liberalism

The development of liberalism has reversed its original principles. Rather than let society control the state, a more ambitious liberalism now makes the state control society. In spite of claims of neutrality, liberalism establishes an enforceable official morality that supports a definite way of life. The rational way beyond liberalism is to discuss the questions it avoids and cannot answer. Intellectually, liberalism cannot survive their free discussion. Once liberalism goes, what then? A slightly edited version of this essay appeared in the Summer 2000 issue of ModernAge. Mr. Kalb would be grateful for any comments about it via his e-mail.