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1 of 425 are essays by Claes G. Ryn

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Ryn, Claes G.
Imaginative Origins of Modernity: Life as Daydream and Nightmare

At its core, the modern moral-imaginative dynamic is a rebellion against whatever interferes with our favorite desires. We do not want to rein in our desires, and the imagination helps us to justify living as we would like to live. The imagination assists us in disparaging and avoiding the nagging, onerous moral conscience that calls our desires into question. What is necessary to counter escapism is the non-escapist imagination. The latter is no less imagination, but it is not as prone to the distorting illusions of either conceit or cynicism. Truly great art is never didactic, but it helps us understand who we are. It attunes us to the real world and prepares us for acting within it. From Humanitas 10:2 1997