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7 of 425 are essays by C. Gwendolyn Landolt

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Landolt, C. Gwendolyn  
A Silent Revolution on Same-Sex Benefits

The federal Liberal government's Bill C-23 represents a sweeping change of law regarding same-sex relationships. It benefits only those in such relationships, and their gain is our society's loss.
Canadian Freedoms In Jeopardy

The rights and independence of Canadians are being eroded by Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy at negotiations for the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Rome, June 15th to July 17th, 1998.
Extra Territorial Control of Family Policy

Far from the intent of its founding only 50 years ago, the United Nations in pursuing its one-world agenda is developing a ruthless determination to force policies on individual nations, particularly policies relating to the family, which trample on national sovereignty, and cultural and religious values.
Impact of Feminism on Our Culture

A chronicle of the rise and growing influence of feminism in Canada.
Rights of Canadians Undermined by International Court

Canadians should be alarmed about the application of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Canada.
The Implications of Media Bias

An overview of the manifestations of bias in Canadian media.
The Ontario Government's Bill 5, A Response to the Supreme Court

Criticism of the effects of Ontario's Bill 5 and the means used to pass it.