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6 of 425 are essays by Ted Morton

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Morton, Ted  
Government Right on Prisoner-Voting

Restricting the rights of prisoners to vote is reasonable, despite a recent decision of the Supreme Court.
New-Egalitarians: The Real threat to Human Rights

The gravest threat to our future freedom and happiness are the egalitarian reformers who, in the name of human rights, are constantly weakening the institutions of civil society while stregthening the powers of the state. Previously published in The Calgary Herald, December 19th, 1998.
Only Ontario Needs a United Alternative (with Rainer Knopf)

History indicates that a single national party united in opposition to the Liberals will not last long. The regional factions which comprise it will soon separate again. Better instead to focus on creating a united alternative in Ontario alone, which could then work in coalition with other parties in the House.
Standing Up for Notwithstanding

Vriend: A Misinterpretation of the Charter

The Supreme Court's decision in Vriend vs Alberta is a misuse of the law. It should be overturned in Alberta by invoking the section 33 notwithstanding power.
Vriend: The Negative Policy Consequences

The Supreme Court's decision in the Vriend case is not just a small victory for a small minority. The decision is a milestone in a steadily advancing agenda that will affect all Canadians.