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5 of 425 are essays by John J. Furedy

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Furedy, John J.  
Employment "Equity" Steamrolls Conservative Government

Employment "equity" policies and practices at Ontario universities continue unabated, despite the election in 1995 of a conservative government committed to eliminating racist and gender-based quotas from government hiring practices. Originally entitled "Rae-to-Harris Shift Has No Apparent Effect on Universities' Commitment to Employment Equity"
Ice Station Academe

Is an Iron Curtain of speech being erected in North American universities? A personal perspective from the University of Toronto. Originally published in GRAVITAS Vol.1, No.3 A Quarterly Journal of Current Affairs Autumn 1994
Ignorant versus Enlightened Ways of Fighting Discrimination: The Martin Luther King Perspective

Based on panelist remarks at "Affirmative Action - Breaking the Walls of Ignorance", McMaster University Student Union, Human Rights Committee Panel Discussion, Hamilton, Nov. 8, 1993.
On the Recent Establishment of a Velvet Totalitarian Culture of Comfort on Canadian Campuses: Ringing the Bell Backwards

The politically-correct movement, now under mounting attack in American universities, is firmly entrenched and comfortably un-assailed in Canada. A paper prepared for presentation to the Civitas National Conference, Toronto.
The Uses and Abuses of Academic Power and Freedom

Canadian faculty associations in general, and The University of Toronto's faculty association (UTFA) in particular, have damaged the functioning of the academic community. This opinion piece was published on March 11, 1998, in *the newspaper*, an unsubsidized weekly paper that describes itself as "University of Toronto's independent community newspaper".