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10 of 425 are essays by Tom Flanagan

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Flanagan, Tom  
Eugenics Goes to the Movies

Homes on Native Land

Originally published in The Globe and Mail, September 10th, 1998
In Praise of Single-Issue Politics

Drives for referenda on the installation of video lottery terminals in Alberta cities recall fundamental principles of democracy.
Lubicon Tactics

Tactics used by the Lubicon native band to advance their land claims are injuring innocent third parties, and should not be protected as free speech.
Modernity and the Millennium: From Robespierre to Radical Feminism

Preston Agonistes

Preston Manning's recent communications suggest that he believes major change is ahead for himself and his party.
Reinventing the Asylum

The Inherent Problems of Aboriginal Self-Government

Neither the federal government or aboriginals understand enough about the issues facing them in native self-government. This essays outlines some of the un-addressed challenges. Presented to the Canadian Political Science Association Annual Meeting, June 1998
The Reform Party at Ten

The Reform Party needs to develop a more consistent set of social policies if it is to have as much influence in that field as it already has exercised on fiscal and constitutional policy.
The Rehabilitation of Louis Riel

Louis Riel should not be granted a posthumous pardon or declared a Father of Confederation.