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6 of 425 are essays by Michael Taube

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Taube, Michael  
Canada’s Right Wing Has Many Feathers

The battle is not between Tory and Reform, but between conservative and libertarian
Fusion of Right Not Impossible

The story of conservative icon Frank Strauss Meyer holds lessons for fractured non-socialist groups today. Originally published in the Calgary Herald, November 20th, 1999.
Is globalization good for Canada? YES

Is the move toward a global economy creating a level playing field for all? Or does it merely unfetter giant multinational corporations?
Private Universities Would Be a Credit

Private universities may help overcome shortcomings of our public institutions of higher learning. Originally published in the Globe and Mail, Report on Business, August 23rd, 1999
Smoke, Mirrors Can't Hide True Meaning of Social Union

Politicial expedience, this time in the social union negotiations, has once again mortgaged the future of Canadians. Originally published in The Hamilton Spectator, February 11th, 1999.
The Case for Private Universities