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2 of 425 are essays by J. Budziszewski

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Budziszewski, J.
The Revenge of Conscience

Conscience is not a passive barrier but an active force; though it can hold us back, it can also drive us on. Moreover, conscience comes not from without but from within: though culture can trim the fringes, the core cannot be changed. The decay of long-solid values - and the possibilities for arresting it - must somehow be found not in the weakness of conscience but in its strength, not in its shapelessness but in its shape. Copyright (c) 1998 First Things 84 (June/July 1998): 21-27. An earlier version of this article was published in William D. Gairdner, ed., After Liberalism (Stoddart).
What We Can't Not Know

We tend to assume that supporters of abortion do not know that it is wrong. On the contrary, the wrong of deliberately taking innocent human life is "written on the heart." To make headway in the struggle to end this great wrong, we must understand that people are not so much in genuine ignorance about it as in denial. Source: Human Life Review 22:4 (Fall, 1996), pp. 85-94