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2 of 425 are essays by William Robson

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Robson, William  
Curing the Schools to Death: Saving Public Education from its Defenders

Like medical doctors seeking “magic bullet” treatments for lifestyle-related diseases, public education advocates trying to innoculate schools against an infection of creeping corporatism are misguided. Public schools will continue to fall prey to a host of ills as long as they are weakened by a monopolistic top-down governance. The surest route to public schools that are vigorous and resistant to infection is more autonomy at the school level and empowerment of parents through meaningful choice. The opinions here are personal, and do not necessarily reflect those of the staffs or members of any of the organizations with which Mr. Robson is affiliated.
The Achievements and Limits of Evolutionary Centralism: The Ontario Conservatives’ Record in Education

Presentation to the Centre for the Study of State and Market Conference, "Conservatism or Counterrevolution? The Harris Government at Mid-Term", at the University of Toronto, 10 October 1997 To a surprising extent, the Ontario Conservative’s approach to elementary and secondary education has followed directions laid out by the previous NDP government. Given the education system’s dysfunctional mix of centralized and decentralized authority, the Conservatives’ bias toward centralization has yielded mixed results. Some powerful forces for improvement are now in place, but a key missing ingredient — greater autonomy for individual schools — remains a task for the future.