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2 of 425 are essays by Roger Scruton

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Scruton, Roger
Communitarian Dreams

Communitarianism expresses the longing for a community that will once again surround and embrace the individual and provide him with a goal that is greater than his own self-interest - not unlike the conservatism which communitarians disdain. If communitarians are to take their philosophy seriously they should discard egalitarian dreams, support traditions and authorities, and allow majority values to marginalize the "alternatives" that undermine them. This essay first appeared in the Autumn 1996 issue of the Manhattan Institute's City Journal, and is reprinted with permission. A subsequent rebuttal to this essay by communitarian Amitai Etzioni and Roger Scruton's reply are also published on conservativeforum.org with permission.
Community, Yes, But Whose? A Reply

After Roger Scruton's Communitarian Dreams appeared in the Autumn 1996 City Journal Amitai Etzioni, a well-known communitarian, wrote a rebuttal piece and Roger Scruton replied to it with the essay below. This essay first appeared in the Spring 1997 issue of the Manhattan Institute's City Journal and is republished with permission.