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5 of 425 are essays by Hymie Rubenstein

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Rubenstein, Hymie  
Apartheid is Alive and Well in Winnipeg

Native students are shortchanged by separate but unequal schools. Originally published in the Globe and Mail
Are Pedophiles Criminals Or Victims?

The trend toward the normalization of pedophilia mirrors psychiatry's capitulation to the gay agenda Originally published in The Interim. Republished with the permission of the author.
Taco Bell is Subverting Our Campuses! Not!

Mr. Rubenstein skewers the ideas in Universities for Sale: Resisting Corporate Control Over Higher Education, by Neil Tudiver (Toronto: James Lorimer, 1999) Originally published in the National Post. Republished with the permission of the author.
The Case Against Academic Tenure

On politically-charged campuses across Canada, academic tenure no longer affords protection for intellectual freedom, its original purpose. It and faculty unions do afford protection for under-performing - even non-performing - professors who do little to expand their own or their students' knowledge. A solution is proposed. An edited version of this essay was originally published in the Fraser Forum. Republished with the permission of the author.
Who Is Wrecking Our Universities?

Falling levels of literacy and communications skills in our universities may not be due to shuffling of government priorities, as some liberal arts professors lament, but to the professors and the institutions themselves.