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3 of 425 are essays by Ilana Mercer

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Mercer, Ilana  
Human Rights Commission Has New Targets

British Columbia's Human Rights agencies and activists are expanding the ambit of the Human Rights Code to include protection against discrimination on the basis of "social conditions". The implications for property rights and the freedom to contract at will are explored, as are the implications of an expanding definition of human rights to fit the assorted U.N. covenants. A succint examination first published as a column in the weekly community newspaper North Shore News.
In-House Tax Havens Would Confound Ottawa

Free marketeers and critics of government native affairs policy may smile at the notion of tax-free havens within Canada on native reservations. Mohawk leaders are serious about it, and the government is not smiling. The column contends - satirically - that by encouraging First Nations to make banking their new economy and turn their territories into tax havens for besieged taxpayers, we will achieve some well deserved pecuniary parity and leave the feds in disarray. Originally published in the Calgary Herald. Republished with the permission of the author.
Reverse Discrimination Betrays Social Justice

Governments are tying the hiring of minorities and women to a quota system that subverts both the marketplace and some underpinnings of Western society. Previously published in the Vancouver Sun newspaper