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Brian Walden

British broadcaster, journalist, one-time Scholar of the Queen's College, Oxford

Some human beings are more beautiful, or stronger, or faster, or more adept with a tennis racket or snooker cue, or more creative, or more intelligent than the majority. The free market pays them for their attributes. How on earth could it work otherwise than by assessing the demand for a particular talent and the price needed to secure it? If this is thought to be intolerable ... then we should abolish the free market and abide the consequences. Experience indicates that these will be unpleasant.

1990 - from a column in The Sunday Times newspaper, London
Social democrats ... say that they accept a market economy, but their acceptance is conditional upon such an economy achieving an almost limitless range of social and moral objectives. So they do not really accept the market economy as it is, but only an imaginary version which they suppose they can legislate into existence.

1990 - from a column in The Sunday Times newspaper, London