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David Landes

Professor of Social Studies, Harvard University, author of The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (1998)

Increase is natural and will occur wherever opportunity and security exist. Remove the obstacles, and growth will take care of itself.

1998 - from The Wealth and Poverty of Nations
The world has never been a level playing field, and everything costs.

1998 - from The Wealth and Poverty of Nations
[Study of] geography has fallen on hard times ... geography is discredited, if not discreditable, by its nature. It tells an unpleasant truth, namely, that nature like life is unfair, unequal in its favours; further, that nature's unfairness is not easily remedied. A civilization like ours, with its drive to mastery, does not like to be thwarted. It disapproves of discouraging words, which geographic comparisons abound in.

1998 - from The Wealth and Poverty of Nations