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William T. Evjue

Newspaperman and social activist. Founder and publisher of The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin in 1917, which he ran for 50 years. Friend of Frank Lloyd Wright, fierce critic of Senator Joseph McCarthy, founder of the Progressive Party.

The press, the movies, radio and television bear a large share of the responsibility for the climate of fear . . . which has enveloped our country and which has become such a threat to our freedom.

'You can't believe half of what you read in the papers' is becoming an all-too-common phrase in this country. This feeling has been engendered to a large extent by distortion of news, suppression of news, the injection of the personal views and prejudices of publishers into the news, and the misuse of newspapers in attacking and persecuting individuals and institutions unjustly and unfairly.

Dec. 13, 1917 - from the first editorial in his newspaper The Capital Times