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Noah Webster
1758 - 1843

Compiler of Webster's Dictionary of the American Language

... society requires that the education of youth should be watched with the most scrupulous attention. Education is a great measurer, [it] forms the moral characters of men and morals are the basis of government.

Republican government loses half its value where the moral and social duties are ... negligently practiced. To exterminate our popular vices is work of far more importance to the character and happiness of our citizens than any other improvements in our system of education.

... all history is a witness of the truth...that good morals are essential to the faithful and upright discharge of public functions.

Principles ... are becoming corrupt, deeply corrupt; and unless the progress of corruption and perversion of truth can be arrested, neither liberty nor property, will long be secure in this country. And a great evil is, that men of the first distinction seem, to a great extent, to be ignorant of the real, original causes of our public distresses.