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James J. Kilpatrick

American columnist, widely syndicated with the Universal Press Syndicate and others. His thrice-weekly column, "A Conservative View," appears in more than 500 daily newspapers.

I worry about racial tensions, and I worry that all the posturing gestures of 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' and 'affirmative action' are making bad matters worse. Our country ideally should be colorblind. We have become color obsessed.

from his column
In a free society, only government has the power to take our money and spend it for its own purposes. Unions have no such authority -- not when it comes to political spending. These decisions ought to be made on our own.

Jul. 08, 1998 - from his column "The Continuing Struggle"
[The politically correct movement is] an intellectual virus that has infected our institutions of higher learning. ... There is something fundamentally ridiculous in the new orthodoxy of the politically correct. In today's academic groves, words do somersaults. 'Diversity' means 'sameness.' Free speech carries a heavy cost... The academic dragoons of Newthink are in the saddle, booted and spurred. It will take a major effort to unseat them.

Feb. 01, 1991 - from his column
Our right to freedom of expression is not an absolute right. Everyone knows that. We have no right to speech that is fraudulent, libelous or obscene. But when we punish speech that is merely grossly offensive, we strike at [constitutional] bedrock principle. I would leave that great principle alone.

Jul. 22, 1998 - from his column "Weighing the Flag Amendment"
Today's liberal is seldom engaged in acts of liberation, but in acts of regimentation instead; his object is not to free man from the coercions of the state, but to impose new coercions on him; and in the sense of being bountiful, today's liberal is mostly bountiful with other people's money.