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Rush Limbaugh
1951 -
American conservative commentator

Poverty and suffering are not due to the unequal distribution of goods and resources, but to the unequal distribution of capitalism.

1992 - from an essay in Policy Review
Something happens when an individual owns his home or business. He or she will always invest more sweat, longer hours and greater creativity to develop and care for something he owns than he will for any government-inspired project supposedly engineered for the greater social good.... The desire to improve oneself and one's family's lot, to make life better for one's children, to strive for a higher standard of living, is universal and God-given. It is honorable. It is not greed.

1993 - from The Limbaugh Letter
I have come up with a new national symbol for the United States. I think we need to junk the eagle and come up with a symbol that is more appropriate for the kind of government we have today. We need to replace the eagle with a huge sow that has a lot of nipples and a bunch of fat little piglets hanging on them, all trying to suckle as much nourishment from them as possible.

from The Way Things Ought to Be