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J.D.L. Brock
Publisher and Editor, The Pith Review

Canada faces a crisis and an opportunity. The Trans-Canada engine of the centralist regime is chugging its last, and the provinces have not been appeased. The push for legislative union, as old as the idea of a Canadian state and as new as the Charter, has failed. The ideology of regulation has confused centralism with federalism, and federalism with Liberalism... As a country, we must rediscover the meaning of federalism.

Nov. 01, 1998 - from The Pith Review
We find ourselves today unable to speak, except in the language of Liberal myths: the English Canadian, the Canadian nation, the problem of Quebec, the alienation of the West. There is no such thing as an English Canadian; Canada is a Confederation not a Union; there is no problem with Quebec, but with the rest of the country which refuses to believe that federal provinces are supposed to be sovereign; the West is not alienated from Ottawa, but Ottawa is alienated from the West,

Nov. 01, 1998 - from The Pith Review