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Donna Laframboise

Freelance writer. Ms. Laframboise's articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in Canada and around the world. She maintains her own web site at which others of her writings can be found.

A growing chorus of critics say the highly politicized character of many [women's shelter] facilities means that the client's needs take second place to the agenda of the people in charge. In some cases, the critics say, these services are being run by zealots concerned with dogma who are overly hostile to men, male children, and heterosexual relationships.

Nov. 14, 1998 - The National Post
While accountability is a buzzword in the women's movement where male behaviour is concerned, report after report has stressed that accountability is sorely lacking in feminist-run social services. Tens of millions of public and charitable dollars are handed over every year to organizations with long records of financial and managerial scandal.

Nov. 14, 1998 - The National Post