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National Citizens Coalition

Independent Canadian organization of ordinary citizens, whistleblower and freedom fighter. In its own words, the NCC is "Canada's foremost organization for the defence of our basic political and economic freedoms. We promote free markets, individual freedom and responsibility under limited government."

From our 'dog bites man' department: Dr. Martin Loney, of Manotick, Ontario, is charging that the Ontario government's Office of Employment Equity is guilty of systemic discrimination. Through the Freedom of Information Act he found the office's work force did not reflect the province's population as a whole. Of the work force, 90.5 percent were women (versus 46.6 percent of the province's population), 52.9 percent were racial minorities (versus 13 percent), 5.6 percent were aboriginals (versus 2.1 percent) and 0.0 percent were able-bodied white males (versus 45.7 percent).