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Michael Jenkinson
Columnist, Edmonton Sun

Canada's official statistics gathering agency announced ... that beginning in 1998, it will no longer conduct annual counts of marriages and divorces. That move has persuaded sceptics that the agency is using budget cuts to further an anti-family political agenda.

Jul. 22, 1996 - from "In the eyes of God, but not of Ottawa", Alberta Report
A review by [Alberta Report] of the [education] results in Edmonton and Calgary found great inequality, but a consistent pattern: independent schools usually do better than Catholic, and Catholic schools usually do better than public.

Jul. 15, 1996 - from "The marks are out and the excuses are in", Alberta Report
When I asked [one-time and would-be Prime Minister Joe] Clark what, in lieu of ideology, becomes the prime philosophical underpinning of a political party, he answered, 'Serving the public interest.'