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Paul Hollander

author of The Survival of the Adversary Culture (1991)

American intellectuals, even the most severe social critics among them, harbor high expectations about their society, and it is the frustration of these expectations which often turns into bitterness and rejection. ...the broad historical background against which such expectations are played out is that of secularization.

1991 - from The Survival of the Adversary Culture
It has been pointed out often enough that politics takes on religious overtones when religion proper withers.

1991 - from The Survival of the Adversary Culture
....much of Political Correctness originated in idealistic impulses, in solicitousness toward the underdog, the victim. ... But the attachment to victimhood also feeds on the more diffuse adversarial radical social-critical impulses that find vindication in the existence of victim groups, and the more the better. New groups of victims continue to be found at a time when one would have thought that all varieties of victimhood have been discovered and claimed.

1996 - from "Reassessing the adversary culture", published in Academic Questions No. 9