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George Woodcock

1912 - 1995

Editor of the periodical Canadian Literature, critic, author of numerous books, essays, works of poetry and fiction, and biographies, especially biographies of leftist anarchists

The pattern is clear. Canadians distrust heroes, partly because heroism is always a kind of imposition; the hero is dominating us by his strength, by his brute courage, and we have become suspicious of such qualities. ... We suspect the sheer gigantic irrationalism of the heroic, for we like to consider ourselves a reasonable people.

quoted in Columbo's New Canadian Quotations by John Robert Columbo
Accustomed to seeing ourselves as one of the most liberated nations on earth, in recent years we have discovered that in reality we belong to one of the most over-governed countries in the western world. The growing reaction to this situation is likely to have a considerable influence on the coming changes in the structure of political life. The wind is now set toward increasing devolution and decentralization, the direction of true confederacy.

quoted in Columbo's New Canadian Quotations by John Robert Columbo