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Marshall McLuhan

1911 - 1980

Professor of Literature, University of Toronto, winner of the Governor General's Award for Literature (1962, for The Gutenberg Galaxy), Companion of the Order of Canada, author of The Medium Is the Message: An Inventory of Effects (1967) and other works. McLuhan was a controversial and influential theoretician in the field of communications. Though not a technocrat (in fact he had little understanding of modern digital communications) he predicted the rapid evolution of global communications and coined the term "the global village" to describe his predicted result of that evolution.

... youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver's-license age than at voting age.

The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favour of his image, because the image will be so much more powerful than he could ever be.

quoted in Canadian by Conviction, by Brune and Bulgutch, Gage Publishing
[Asked to explain Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's long 15 years in power] Trudeau has a French name, he thinks like an Englishman, and he looks like an Indian. We all feel very guilty about the Indians here in Canada.

quoted in Hooking Up, by Tom Wolfe
Art is anything you can get away with.

I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't believed it.

quoted in Columbo's New Canadian Quotations by John Robert Columbo
Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.