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Nathaniel Branden

Popular psychologist, objectivist (Ayn Rand's pupil and one-time lover), author of The Psychology of Self Esteem and others

Book by Nathaniel Branden
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My Years With Ayn Rand: The Truth Behind The Myths (1999)
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The old enemies of capitalism used to denounce it on the grounds of its alleged exploitation of the worker. But today, when the American worker is so well off materially, that argument doesn't carry much weight, not that it ever did. Now the emphasis is shifting; now the talk is all about 'alienation' and how capitalism and technology 'alienate' man from his 'true self.' When that argument wears thin or wears out, they'll come up with something else. But why? What is it they really hate? That's the question. And why do they hate it? That's another good question.

Oct. 01, 1971 - from an interview published in Reason Magazine
The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.