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Gen. Douglas MacArthur
1880 - 1964

American military general, leader of the defeat of the Japanese in the Phillipines and the occupation of Japan during the Second World War, president of the U.S. Olympic Committee, remembered as both a brilliant tactician and military leader and as an irascible maverick who defied presidents and his other superiors

Talk of imminent threat to our national security through the application of external force is pure nonsense…. Indeed it is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear.

quoted in The People's Pottage (1965) by Garet Garett
There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.

No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.

We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction.

In war there is no substitute for victory.

Apr. 19, 1951 - from a speech
"Duty," "honour," "country" - those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you want to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.

May 12, 1962 - from a speech to cadets and alumni at West Point Military Academy
It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.

Jul. 7, 1952 - from his speech to the Republican National Convention