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0043 - 0017

Roman poet, bureaucrat, judge, and nearly a senator, a.k.a. Publius Ovidius Naso. Ovid was the early Roman Empire's most popular poet and an inspiration for centuries to other authors including Chaucer and Shakespeare. After the earnest poetry of Virgil and Horace, Ovid's more popular tales - including the story of Icarus in his epic mythological poem Metamorphoses - made him a favourite.

I warne thee (quoth he), Icarus, a middle race to keepe. / For if thou hold too low a gate, the dankenesse of the deepe / Will overlade thy wings with wet. And if thou mount too hie, / The Sunne will sindge them. / Therfore see betweene them both thou flie.

Icarus' warning from his father, in Book 8 of Metamorphoses (Arthur Golding ed.)