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Larry Elder

American syndicated columnist and radio talk show host

One of the problems with affirmative action is that it has primarily benefited people who are already prepared.

Apr. 1996 - from an interview in Reason Magazine
Morally, quotas cannot be defended.

Apr. 1996 - from an interview in Reason Magazine
When blacks were freed they should have been compensated, but they weren't. There's nothing that can be done about that now. I think what America has done in paying on this debt is affirmative action. And frankly, that's 30 years of failing to hold blacks to the same standards of behavior as they would expect their own sons and daughters to adhere to. What America owes black people is a statement that we are going to evaluate you based on your talents. America owes the commitment not to discriminate. All a state can be is just in its own time, and America must attempt to be just in its time.

Apr. 1996 - from an interview in Reason Magazine