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Mark Thornton

American professor of economics at Columbus State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Senior Faculty of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, author of The Economics of Prohibition (1991) and other works

No government intervention has been so widely debunked as the minimum wage... Like inflation, an increase in the minimum wage is a stealthy tax increase as well... Elites in both [U.S. federal political] parties love new government revenue, but they prefer to get it inconspicuously. If a tax increase can be passed off as a wage increase--and create the impression that government has done workers a favor--it's a winner all around. But don't call it a help to the poor who are fired or never hired, or whose higher earnings are taxed away, never to be seen again.

Nov. 1996 - from "Minimum Wage, Minimum Tax", published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute