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Rev. Edmund A. Opitz

staff of the Foundation for Economic Education, a seminar lecturer, and author of the book, Religion and Capitalism: Allies Not Enemies.

... six big, potent, interrelated ideas, without which man is not man. 1. Free Will. Man's gift of free will makes him a responsible being. 2. Rationality. Man is a reasoning being who, by taking thought, gains valid truths about himself and the universe. 3. Self-responsibility. Each person is the custodian of his own energy and talents, charged with the lifetime task of bringing himself to completion. 4. Beauty. Man confronts beauty in - the very nature of things, and reproduces this vision in art. 5. Goodness. Man has a moral sense, enabling and requiring him to choose between good and evil. 6. The Sacred. Man participates in an order which transcends nature and society. Each of these big ideas is in trouble today. The attack on them has been gathering momentum for a couple of centuries and the case against has just about carried the day in influential circles.

Nov. 1972 - from "Six ideas as to make us human", published in the The Freeman, republished at Liberty Haven