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Michelle Malkin

American syndicated columnist, editor of porkwatch.com - a web site exposing government handouts and corporate welfare programs - and her own web site.

The liberal mindset never ceases to amaze. When it comes to teaching kids about sex, the more the better. The younger the better. Bring on the condoms and bananas, diaphragms and diagrams. Don't worry about the heightened interest and glorification of pre-marital sex that might result from young, impressionable children handling contraceptives. But when it comes to guns, [anti-gun Governor of Maryland Parris] Glendening and his ilk turn into tight-lipped prudes preaching absolute abstinence. Giving kids basic information about how guns work promotes safety -- not usage. Like the captains of kiddie condom classes always say, knowledge isn't deadly. Ignorance is.

Jun. 1, 2001 - from "Kids, Condoms, and Guns", published by Creators Syndicate Inc.