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Orestes Augustus Brownson
1803 - 1876

American philosopher, essayist, sometime minister. Brownson was an enigmatic nonconformist, exploring, experimenting in and challenging many of the religious and political waves of his time, and eventually settling as a political conservative and a Catholic. Author of The American Republic and many other works.

My sect is now the world, my party is everywhere, my creed truth wherever I can find it, and under whatever name it may come.

Jan. 1830 - from an essay in the Free Enquirer
He who has read Aristotle's Politics has read the history of American democracy, and the unanswerable refutation of all democratic theories and tendencies of modern liberals.

Politicians may do as they please, so long as they violate no rule of right, no principle of justice, no law of God; but in no world, in no order, or condition, have men the right to do wrong.