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Obye Polybius
0204 - 0122

Greek historian. Polybius was an officer of the Achaean League which attempted to save the Peloponnesus from Roman conquest. Exiled to Italy after the Roman invasions, he was present at the destructions of Carthage and Corinth and was influential in convincing the Greeks to accept Roman rule. His personal involvement in the events of his time have helped give his historical writing a reputation for reliability.

Book by Obye Polybius
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The Histories
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When a commonwealth, after warding off many great dangers, has arrived at a high pitch of prosperity and undisputed power ... the manner of life of its citizens will become more extravagant; and that the rivalry for office, and in other spheres of activity, will become fiercer than it ought to be. And as this state of things goes on more and more ... this will prove the beginning of a deterioration.