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Eric Margolis

Journalist, foreign correspondent, defence analyst and commentator, author of War at the Top of the World (2000). Mr. Margolis operates his own web site at which others of his essays can be found.

This enormous loss of national wealth [the 40% decline in the value of the Canadian dollar] was purposely engineered by Canadian governments, Liberals and Tories, in order to keep exports competitive on world markets. Without currency devaluation, the government would have had to cut social spending, sharply reduce personal and business taxes, and slash regulation. Unions would have had to accept wages competitive with the USA. But a falling dollar also means all imported raw and finished goods, from chemicals and lettuce to cars, rise in cost. Because much of this increase is hidden, and comes over years in small increments, most people don't see the government's depreciation shell game.

Nov. 19, 2000 - from "Canada: From Riches to Rags in Only 30 Years"
Seventy percent of taxes Canadians pay on average - 70% - go to support the vast federal government in Ottawa. Provincial governments, which very ably conduct the real business of running Canada, get only a paltry 30%.

Nov. 26, 2000 - from "Does Canada Need its Bloated Federal Government?"
The Liberals are the party of big government. Under their patron saint, Pierre Trudeau, the federal government went from consuming 30% of national income to 53%. When government devours more than half of a nation's economic output, government no longer serves taxpayers, taxpayers serve government. Other countries call this socialism. In Canada, it's termed 'justice and compassion.'

Nov. 26, 2000 - from "Does Canada Need its Bloated Federal Government?"