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United Nations
1945 -

International agency first founded to promote peace across national borders while respecting the sovereignty of individual nations. The U.N. has evolved as all unrestrained bureaucracies to become a huge and far-reaching organization with little regard for nationalism or for other limitations of its original charter. Under its wing, governments and a vast array of non-governmental organizations design and promote initiatives of state and global planning and other steps towards a socialistic one-world government.

 Every state has the right to take the necessary steps to maintain under public control the use, posession, disposal and reservation of land. Every state has the right to plan and regulate the use of land, which is one of its most important resources, in such a way that the growth of population centers both urban and rural are based on a comprehensive land use plan.

Jun. 1976 - from its report Habitat: United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, quoted by Ronald Reagan in his radio address, Nov. 30, 1976