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Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
1742 - 1799

German professor at Göttingen University, experimental physicist, mathematician, astronomer, respected art and literature critic, philosopher, satirist, and author. Lichtenberg's work with electricity revealed the principle of xerographic copying. His Waste Books, collections of thoughts, aphorisms and observations, remain in print more than 200 years after they were written.

If a war has lasted twenty years it can well go on to last a hundred. For war has now become a status. Polemocraty. People who have enjoyed peace die out.

We now possess four principles of morality: 1. a philosophical: do good for its own sake, out of respect for the law; 2. a religious: do good because it is God’s will, out of love of God; 3. a human: do good because it will promote your happiness, out of self-love; 4. a political: do good because it will promote the welfare of the society of which you are a part, out of love of society having regard to yourself. But is this not all one single principle, only viewed from different sides?