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Robert Lacey

British historian and writer, co-founder of England's Cover magazine, author of internationally bestselling history books such as Majesty: Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor and other works, co-author (with Danny Danziger) of The Year 1000 (1999)

[Eleventh-century female landowner] Aelfflaed's will tells us that she had supervised the farming of many acres with apparent success, giving orders to men in a male-dominated society, while Wulfgeat of Donnington [an 11th-century male farmer] clearly found nothing unusual in leaving his lands [in his will] to be run by his womenfolk. There are no women depicted on the Julius Work Calendar but ... women who possessed sufficient strength of character were able to claim power and exercise authority in the England of the year 1000.

1999 - from The Year 1000 (with Danny Danziger)