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George Gilder
1939 -

Senior Fellow, The Discovery Institute, pioneer in the formation of supply-side economic theory, author of Wealth and Poverty and others

The first priority of any serious program against poverty is to strengthen the male role in poor families.

1980 - from Wealth and Poverty
The wealth of America is not an inventory of goods; it is an organic, living entity, a fragile pulsing fabric of ideas, expectations, loyalties, moral commitments, visions. To vivisect it for redistribution would eventually kill it.

Volatile and shifting ideas, not heavy and entrenched establishments, constitute the source of wealth.

A policy of subsidizing failures will end in an economy strewn with capital-guzzling industries long past their time of profitability - old companies that cannot create jobs themselves, but can stand in the way of job creation.

from Wealth and Poverty
Capitalists are motivated not chiefly by the desire to consume wealth or indulge their appetites, but by the freedom and power to consummate their entrepreneurial ideas.