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Edward S. Herman

Professor Emeritus of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, author of many books including Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (co- authored with Noam Chomsky)

Globalization is both an active process of corporate expansion across borders and a structure of cross-border facilities and economic linkages that has been steadily growing and changing as the process gathers steam. Like its conceptual partner "free trade," globalization is also an ideology, whose function is to reduce any resistance to the process by making it seem both highly beneficent and unstoppable.

Apr. 1999 - from "The Threat of Globalization", published on IGC Internet
... mainstream media often serve as virtual propaganda agents of the state, peddling viewpoints the state wishes to inculcate and marginalizing any alternative perspectives. This is especially true in times of war, when the wave of patriotic frenzy encouraged by the war-makers quickly engulfs the media. Under these conditions the media's capacity for dispassionate reporting and critical analysis is suspended, and they quickly become cheer-leaders and apologists for war.

Jun. 10, 1999 - from "Transcripts from Kosovo Teach-In #5", published on Foreign Policy in Focus
Only when the government needs atrocities to justify its foreign-policy decisions do atrocities become the subject of press conferences and news reports, with intense focus and indignation. This is done with such assurance and self-righteous virtue that liberals and leftists jump on the bandwagon and welcome the government's gracious willingness in this particular case to finally rain "justice" down on the targeted villain. The ease with which leftists accept the U.S. (and NATO) as proper authorities to decide, judge, and drop bombs is nothing short of astonishing.

Apr. 5, 1999 - from "Kosovo bombings: Experts weigh in", published on the MoJo Wire