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Phyllis Schlafly
1924 -

Widely-syndicated American columnist, lawyer, radio commentator, conservative activist. Schlafly is a prominent critic of modern femnism and was one of the leaders of the successful movement to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. constitution in the 1970s. She is president of the pro-family Eagle Forum, author of A Choice, Not an Echo (1964), Who Will Rock the Cradle, and numerous other works

[It is a] myth that most of the perpetrators of violence are ordinary citizens rather than criminals by trade. The fact is that the typical murderer has a prior criminal history of at least six years with four felony arrests before he commits murder, and 75 percent of all violent crimes are committed by 6 percent of hardened criminals and repeat offenders.

Jun. 5, 2001 - from "Surprise Assualt on Gun Owners", published by Copley News Service
It is important to realize that, when the feminists talk about "women's rights," they don't mean fair treatment for women in jobs, school, or home. When feminists talk about "women's rights," they mean a radical restructuring of society, with government using its power to force feminist goals on all the rest of us.

Dec. 1991 - from "The Radical Goals of the Femnists", published by Copley News Service
Nothing could be more judicially activist than for a state court to intervene in an election, change the pre-election rules, declare new vote counting standards, toss out the certified results and decide the winner.

Dec. 19, 2000 - from her column "Activist judges should not overrule elections"
... vote counting is not perfect ... there are always minor irregularities that could be litigated ... [but] if we permit the courts to broadly review election outcomes, a judge could reverse just about any close and hotly contested election.

Dec. 19, 2000 - from her column "Activist judges should not overrule elections"
We should prohibit the federal government from building, or assisting the states or private corporations to build, databases of personal information on ... citizens that is none of the government's business. Only totalitarian regimes monitor the private actions of law-abiding citizens.

Dec. 8, 1999 - from "Are We Becoming A Society Of Snoops?"