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Ann Coulter

American lawyer, commentator and syndicated columnist with Universal Press Syndicate

Just when you finally defeat one liberal sophistry for "affirmative action," it drops it into the Orwellian memory hole and a new sophistry appears in its place.

Apr. 5, 2001 - from "Racial Profiling In University Admissions", published by Universal Press Syndicate
Judges are essentially government bureaucrats, and the natural tendency of all government bureaucrats everywhere is to continually arrogate more and more power to themselves.

Feb. 9, 2001 - from "Eight more Clarence Thomases", published by Universal Press Syndicate
Somewhat disappointingly, it's impossible for conservative judges to wreck the country for liberals like liberal judges wrecked it for [conservatives]. Liberals are just being hysterical when they moan about Roe vs. Wade and should be ignored. There is really no such thing as a judicial activist on the right since the whole point of being a strict constructionist is that you don't hallucinate when reading the Constitution -- and the Constitution simply doesn't say anything at all about most things anyone could possibly care about. Conservatives always knew they had to win at the ballot box; liberals prefer to skip voting and win by judicial fiat.

Feb. 9, 2001 - from "Eight more Clarence Thomases", published by Universal Press Syndicate
Nearly three-fourths [of women surveyed in a poll by Lifetime Television] believe it is more important for the government to shore up the Social Security Ponzi scheme than to bother with those silly tax cuts.

Apr. 18, 2000 - from her column "No shadow of a doubt - liberal women are useless"
[New York Times] ... a bizarre sectarian newspaper edited by wrathful demagogues.

Dec. 18, 2000 - from her column "Plus the sun was in his eyes"