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Ann Widdecombe
1947 -

British Conservative MP (Maidstone and The Weald), former Minister of the Home Office and of Employment, opposition shadow critic for the Home Office

In 1967 the abortion laws in [England] were liberalised and we were all assured that this would not lead to abortion on demand or a decline in respect for unborn life or pressure on medical staff to become involved in abortion against their conscience. Five million abortions later those claims look hollow. It was the same with the divorce laws in 1969. We were told liberalisation would not lead to the breakdown of the institution of marriage or to widespread divorce and now forty per cent of marriages end in divorce. ... The issue here is not whether one thinks it a good or bad thing that these have been the effects of those laws; rather the issue is that quite undeniably the effects were not foreseen. For that reason l believe that if we were to legalise voluntary euthanasia then, no matter how tightly the law was framed, in ten years time no Granny would be safe.

1998 - from the introduction to the Inner Temple Year Book
Today the only thing which is not tolerated is intolerance.

1998 - from the introduction to the Inner Temple Year Book
People whose person or property is attacked should be able to defend themselves without fear of penalty from the law.

Apr. 24, 2000 - quoted in the London Daily Telegraph