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Sean Gabb

British libertarian writer, lawyer, broadcaster, public affairs consultant, director of the Libertarian Alliance, former Economic and Political Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic and overseas correspondent for The Hoover Institution, editor of Free Life and Free Life Commentary. Dr. Gabb's web site can be found here.

There is no simple correlation between guns and crime. We hear endlessly about America, where guns can be had nearly on demand, and where the murder rate per capita is 11.3 times [England's]. We hear little about the trends behind these statistics - how between 1900 and 1930, the possession of handguns remained stable, and the murder rate rose tenfold; how between 1937 and 1963, handgun ownership rose by 250 per cent, and the murder rate fell by 35.7 per cent; how between 1968 and 1985 handgun ownership rose by another 250 per cent, and the murder rate fell by another 10 per cent.

Nov. 1991 - from "The Lesson of Killeen", published in Free Life