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Leslie A. Pal

Professor of Public Administration at Carleton University, Ottawa, editor of How Ottawa Spends: Shape Shifting Canadian Governance Toward the 21st Century (1999)

... our political institutions are not particularly adept at channelling and facilitating broadly-based, consensual change. Change occurs, but it is masked and managed, and ultimately masquerades as continuity.

1999 - from How Ottawa Spends
... given contemporary governance challenges, command and control mechanisms of governance are no longer adequate, if they ever were.

1999 - from How Ottawa Spends
Small, lean, decentralized, partnered, and prudent seem here to stay. But in the absence of a consistent public philosophy to make sense of the appropriate balance of market and society, of compassion and competition, it is likely that policy will be driven less by ideology than by principled pragmatism. This is neither dramatic nor inspiring, but may be a typically bland Canadian compromise.

1999 - from How Ottawa Spends