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William L. Morton

Former professor of history at the University of Manitoba, winner of the J.B. Tyrell Historical Medal (1958), president of the Canadian Historical Association (1960), renowned for his studies of Canada's west and north, author of The Canadian Identity (1961) and other works

Canadian history ... is ... one history, not one French and one British, but the entire history of all Canada. There are not two histories, but one history, as there are not two Canadas, or any greater number, but one only. Nor are there two ways of life, (1) but one common response to land and history expressed in many strong variants of the one, it is true, but still one in central substance.

Jun. 11, 1960 - from an address to the Canadian Historical Association
The Canadian frontier is a northern frontier and is an extension overseas of the northern frontier and northern economy of the North Lands of Europe.

Finally there is what I would call the end of philosophic individualism, or the extinction of the true liberal. The radical survives, and the socialist, but the liberal who was an individualist, a nationalist, and an internationalist -- who was also, be it acknowledged, at his best a humanitarian, and a man of generous instincts and magnanimous mind -- that kind of liberal is gone with the top hat and the frock coat. The world is the poorer for his going, and it behoves conservatives to remember that they are in fact his residuary legatees, and that the liberal spirit now finds almost its sole dwelling place in conservative minds.

1982 - quoted in Radical Tories, by Charles Taylor