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Charles Handy

British author of business and management books including The Hungry Spirit (1997), The Age of Unreason, and other works

... increasingly, we now belong to, or are committed to, nothing besides ourselves. Even the family can often turn out to be a relationship of convenience, to be discontinued if it doesn't suit. At work, our loyalty and responsibility are first to ourselves and our future, secondly to our current group or project, and only lastly, and minimally, to the organization. Without commitment to anyone or anything else, however, there is no sense of responsibility for others, and without responsibility there is no need for morality - anything goes, or at least anything that is legal, if it's what you want. To be a citizen seems to mean nothing much more than being a customer, letting others make decisions which you can then take or leave, or take and then complain about. ... It may all be a rational response to a chaotic world, one where the future is there to be invented, not predicted, and certainly not to be controlled; but it makes for a lonely world, one in which the neighborhood is a jungle, the stranger a beast to hide from, and our home a privatized prison.

1997 - from The Hungry Spirit