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Harold Ickes
1874 - 1952

Secretary of the Interior to Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, then a journalist and syndicated columnist, author of The Autobiography of a Curmudgeon (1943).

I am against government by crony.

1946 - upon his resignation from Truman's cabinet over his appointment of a friend as undersecretary of the Navy
[Anti-democrats] They shout - from public platforms, in printed pages, through the microphones - that is is futile to oppose 'the wave of the future.' They cry that we ... hold moth-eaten ideas. They exclaim that there is no room for free men in the world any more ... the shameful point is that many of us ... almost believe them. ... Destroy a whole generation of those who have known how to walk with heads erect in God's free air, and the next generation will rise against the oppressors and restore freedom. ... freedom still lives in the hearts of men. It will endure like a hardy tree gone into the wintertime, awaiting the spring.

May 18, 1941 - from a speech delivered on New York's Central Park Mall